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I just bought a new-to-me Jeep (first timer) last week which came with a hard top. I made a noob mistake and bought a Bestop Safari Bikini top and couldn't install it b/c I don't have the door surround/trim panels :facepalm:.

So here's where I get confused. It appears there are two different versions of the door surrounds: one that works with 2007-2009 tops and one that works with 2010-2013 tops. I was either planning to buy these used or Bestop makes a door surround kit but says it only works with 2010 - 2013 tops.

Will the 2010-2013 version of the door surrounds fit on a 2007 as long as I make sure to buy a 2010-2013 top? I need to figure this out so I can fend off the frequent popup afternoon showers! It's not my DD but I've had to cover it with a tarp a couple times already:D
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