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I bought my 2009 JEEP from Motorvation Motorcars with 7000 miles on it in November of 2010. It came with a "dual top" package. I drove it off the lot and couldn't wait until it would get warmer the next year so I could take the hard top off. I took the hardtop off in the spring of 2011 and put it back on from November 2011 and back off in May 2012.

It has never been back on the JEEP since.

It's been stored in my dad's climate controlled garage the entire time. It's in pretty much "perfect" condition. He told me 2 weeks ago that he wants it out of there pronto cause he's 77 years old and wants to "clean out the mess". Dad is an old cranky bastard but it's his garage, so I gotta sell it.

I'm not real sure what to ask for it but I'll start at $1200??........Make an offer please!!
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