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So this is a long one so bear with me.

I was driving my Jeep and after about two hours of driving, the battery light came on (its never done this). I was heading up snowboarding and after a day on the mountain, I go to start my jeep with no issue, starts right up. All of the sudden when idling in park, the jeep sounds like its starting to stall. I go to give it some gas to keep the RPM's up and started to drive hoping it would just fix itself. I go to roll the window down since its snowing and can't see, boom the Jeep just shuts down on the side of the road flashing the all the dash lights.

Luckily someone stopped and was willing to give it a jump, but as soon as the cables were off, the Jeep died. Had to get AAA out there with a new battery, which got me to the nearest parts store since reading online pointed me to a bad alternator. On the way to the parts store, the Jeep would only be able to go maybe 10-15 MPH and felt like it was in a limp mode. Traction control light and battery light stayed on the whole way, but none of the other warning lights were on, just barely any power.

Got to the parts store and swapped the alternator with a new one and a bought another fresh new battery. The guy said the battery I just got from AAA was completly dead and I also had the wrong battery in my jeep before (the first battery that got switched with the AAA one). Jeep fired up, drove like normal with no warning lights on, except for just the battery light which stayed on the whole time. Almost got home, about two hours of driving and boom, the Jeep felt like it was stuck in second gear, RPM's were between 3500 and 4k, all the warning lights gradually came on, stereo system went off, and the MPH gauge was bouncing up and down before dropping to 0. Got the Jeep towed home and when it was sitting in the driveway, completly dead wouldn't even light up when key was turned, there were these very concerning noises coming from the fuse box. Got freaked out and just took the negative terminal off and it stopped.

NOTE*: A about a month ago, I was having an issue with the Jeep where upon turning the key, a specific amount of engine starting noises would go, and the jeep would start and sound like a lawnmower, puttering and felt like it was in a mechanical limp mode when driving, but still give me enough power to drive to a shop. Gave me a bunch of different codes on my code reader, including the TPS sensor and crank position sensor, which I replaced and the issue continued. Took it to a shop and they said the issue was caused by a screw piercing one of the wires near the main wiring harness between the battery and fuse box. The screw was from the front passenger inner fender. They were able to fix everything and the jeep drove great until this happened about a month later.

I can't help but believe the two issues are NOT connected, since the Jeep was running fine for about a month after a visit to the shop, but obviously I could be wrong.

Let me know if I can explain anything better as a bunch of crap is going on. Thanks for the help you guys!!
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