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I've got a 2011 2-Door and was interested in getting one of the under seat storage drawers from Tuffy that mount under the driver seat. I'm aware that since my Jeep has the fold and tumble "feature" that the supports under the seat interfere with the space required to install it. I've see a few threads on cutting the supports and welding the box in place but that's a bit outside of my ability.

My questions for the community is it possible to switch the driver seat supports (not the entire seat but just the hardware below it) to one from an earlier model that doesn't have the fold and tumble feature? Or maybe an unlimited model as it would also not fold and tumble?

For what little I use my rear seat access to the rear through the passenger side would be fine. I'm more interested in if a direct swap would enable me to solve the problem? Is this even possible? Are there alignment problems with the various mounting holes and locations? I can’t imagine that they could be too different between the year models but I can't seem to dig up any details that would answer this definitively.

There are lots of things I’m unsure of here and was hoping that the community could help me figure this one out. A big thank you to everyone for your time!​
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