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I have just completed a hist of repairs that are hard to define under one tittle. I hope others can search on keywords and gain knowledge from my hard work.

My engine was a DD for the last five years that I had it as a second owner. I purchased it with 32k miles on it and it now has 166k on it.

I recently installed the shorty headers for an exhaust leak. That went well except for the lack of heat shields which cook any thing that comes near. So two sets of new spark plug wires , heat shields And Heat socks for the wires soled my burnt wires engine miss. Almost. When replacing plugs I got a new cracked one and that lead to some long nites. Finally figured it out after a new coil pack and ignition is all good. Maybe.

I had been noticing that my coolant would not transfer from recovery tank back to radiator during cool down. I replaced cap with OEM and it didn’t help. I bought a Stant cap and it seemed to help. But not quite. Then I started getting an engine miss at cold startup that cleared up as engine ran. Well I knew what that was, especially when I saw bubbles coming into recovery tank while running. HEAD GASKET LEAK!!! :jawdrop:

Head removal is tedious in my opinion because of PDM on right side and battery tray that had to be removed. Other than that it was pretty normal. A tip I can give is to weld a nut onto the flange of the header so you only have to worry about the bolt for the exhaust pipe and not the nut that turns.

So gasket was bad with bolt tight and I can see the coolant tracking down the cylinder that also caused my wet plug until warm start up problem.

Felpro gasket kit and two head bolt kits latter, one for each side, and we back in business. Oh yea, have to order the intake gasket kit also. Jeep runs smooth as butter. Start good with no miss. Coolant does it expand and contract thing. We are GOOD! For two days!

What is that drip, drip, drip,,,oh yeah the Radiator left side tank wants to leak when hot now! Yea Great!:pullinghair::atomic:

One quick trip to local auto store and a sad story scores me he last radiator at a discount with lifetime warranty!!! Feeling good. Until I have to change that radiator! :atomic::atomic: Who designs these things! Good Lord what a pain!
Finally get it replaced and running and feeling good! Until..

Doors off riding again! Got to work, and on the way home another pop up monsoon floods me out! Only in a Jeep do you still look cool while getting soaked during a downpour! :beerme:

Got to love the Jeep life!:bop:
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