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2011 rear sway bar link

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I need a pic of a stock one. My is squeaking real bad and the dealership was going to replace it. They call and said they can't because its not the stock sway bar links. I bought it used with what looks like a rough country 1.75 lift, spacers and shocks. Looks like OEM coils and sway bars so I don't think they would have changed the links for that little of a lift. Need a measurement or pic to compare to see if the dealer just didn't want to do it.
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yea it looks about level. I'll go recheck. they just looked very OEMish
well looks level to me. The problem is that they are squeaking like you would not believe! can't even ride with the top down or windows down. Think i'll pick up some JKS adjustable links so if i raise higher i can still use them.
well put on the JKS adjustable links on the rear today at the same height as the ones on there. Dealer was wrong, it's not the sway bar links causing all the squeaking. Guess i'll start spraying WD40 in all the bushings until the squeaking stops and then change out the bushings. any suggestions would be appreciated!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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