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Had my 2011 wrangler unlimited at the dealer 5 plus times for leaks to the top... The panels do not line up with the windshield, never took windshield down.. the center is uneven. they replaced front moulding, rear moulding, freedom panel mouldings ....etc still leaks... Jeep parts computer calls for 4 alignment pins on the main hardtop I have 3.. missing one on passenger side... no place to screw it in... Jeep dealer told me it was normal.. They looked at other wranglers and they dont have them so that means its right they said.. However in there computer it calls for 4.. Has anyone experienced there hard top being out of alignment and what was the fix... if anyone can take a pic of there hardtop that shows the pins on both sides of the top i would appreciate it, this way I have something to show dealer..... Getting sick of water dripping into my 40k jeep
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