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So I picked up a 2012 Call of Duty Rubicon a few weeks ago.
It is my 9th Wrangler, so I was very specific in what I wanted.
Requirements were...2 door, black 6 Spd.

It had 70k on it and had a few mods already done.
35" tires, Teraflex 4" lift, cold air intake and Superchips TD2 tuner

When I got it, it drove like crap. Very rough and hard to drive. Wind noise from the 50" light bar was terrible. The throttle response was crazy sensitive. I felt like a kid learning to drive a stick for the first time.

First thing I did was ditch the Teraflex shocks for a set of Fox 2.0. What a difference it made. It was a so much smoother. Then I put on Rubicon Express spring for a 3.5" lift. Handles like a dream now. Much better than stock.

Next was learning how to use the Superchips TD2. It takes a ton of trial and error.
I tried every performance setting and the throttle response was very sensitive. It's a jeep, not a sports car. So I finally settled with the performance 1 setting for 91 octane fuel. Still sucked. I finally figured out how to change the throttle response and I put it in the stock mode. It drives fantastic now, very smooth. Very pleased. Also tried the crawl mode last weekend while out wheeling. In 4 low, it really help. Worth the few minutes to change the setting.

So the next mod is to ditch the Call of Duty seats and install Katzkin Salsa leather.

The Jeep life is a great way to get the kids out and away from the electronic devices.


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