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I am selling my rear bumper off of my 2012 Jeep Rubicon Unlimited Wrangler Call of Duty edition. This rear bumper is manufactered by AEV and is stock on the Call of Duty editions. It has a two inch small dent in the drivers side corner. The jeep was backed into a post which caused the dent. I could not stand to have it on my new Jeep so I replaced it with a new bumper. The bumper has only been on the Jeep for 2000 miles and there is no other damage or rust. The bumper does not include side plastic inserts or hardware. I am sure you can purchase the side plastic inserts off of the AEV website or from a Jeep dealer.

American Expedition Vehicles - Brute Kit, V8 HEMI, Aftermarket Jeep Conversions, Suspension Systems, Products, Wheels, Accessories and Highline Kits for Jeeps (TJ, JK, WK, XK)

A new AEV bumper is $1499, so I am being more then fair on my price for $800. Please do your reseach for I do not know what JK years this bumber will fit on, but my guess is 2007-2013 JK's.

Please see attached photos. The photos show the old bumber in the box, the dent, and my new bumber installed on the Jeep to give you a reference.


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