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Just wanted to say thank you to the collective contributors here. I purchased a '12 JKU Sahara in January 2015. In Feb it started with rough idling, vibrations, and eventually misfires. I followed forum instructions and cleaned the throttle body ( it was clean as a whistle...almost disappointing) changed the IAC...still no result. Brought it to Greenway Jeep in Orlando, no codes. They updated my computer module and sent me back on the road. Issues persisted. I brought it to Airport Jeep in Orlando and recited the forums insight on Cylinder #2 and transmission mounts as possible issues. I am happy to report that two days later my jeep is running smoother than ever, and with improved performance. Jeep covered all under warranty due to known issues with the cylinder head and covered my rental.

Thank you for giving me the info I needed to get my "new" JK fixed.
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