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Hi All. This is my first post and I sure could use some help.

My 2012 (33,200 miles) JKU's A/C blower motor stopped working (on all settings). The A/C still blows cold when driving down the road with the setting set to vent.

After some good internet research I did the following:

- Checked blower motor fuse (J15), looked ok, replaced anyway, no change, put old fuse back in - no change
- Used voltmeter to check power cables going to blower motor - no power observed
- Replaced blower motor resistor - no change -> $60 bucks flushed
- Disconnected battery to reset ECU - no change
- Unmounted blower motor, checked for obstructions - none found
- Connected motor directly to a 12V battery - it spun with no issues

Between these steps was driving jeep and blower motor kicked on for like 5 minutes and then stopped again.

- Replaced A/C control array (knob cluster) - no change -> $120 bucks flushed
- Disconnect battery to reset ECU again - no change
- Pulled out J15 fuse again and used voltmeter to verify power was going to fuse - yes it is

After last step I had the key set to On/Run (motor Off) and after 5 minutes the blower motor kicked on unprovoked. I decided to crank the engine and the blower motor stopped working again.

I have wiggled as many wires as possible behind the dash with the knob set to blow with no luck.

What should my next step be?
- Take to dealership for diagnosis
- Remove TIPM and check for damaged wire below
- Replace TIPM if last step doesn't work
- Any other ideas?

Another note:
At ~ 3,000 miles had some electrical issues (blinkers/windshield wiper malfunctions). Took it in and they said there was some faulty grounding - grounded to paint vs. clean metal. Haven’t had any issues between then and this issue.
Thanks for reading.
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