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2012 jku with older rampage sport rack

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Having waited for rampage to engineer another version on their sport rack, I decided to do some cutting and installed the one i purchased on Amazon for $192 US shipped overnight. Easy enough-and would like to offer this to anyone considering the same. Cut/Drill the first hole approx 3 inches from the seam on the plastic body trunk panels ( the rear seam ) and approx 2.75 inches down from the rim of the same panels. There is no need to remove the panels if you drill this pilot hole and start to enlarge the shape with a razor. With the pilot hole drilled you show be able to clearly see the square opening hole on the roll bar where you will mount the weighted bolt and clasp.The bracket fits perfectly against the body moulding and I will run a light caulk along the holes to cover up my zealous cutting. This is a cleaner look ( imho ) and allows full use of the rack and retains most of the the panel integrity. This will leave about 14 inches under the rack for non-secure storage. But it is out of sight. The freedom top bag fits well with the tops in the sleeves.


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Looks great :thumb: That is a sweet install job! I did the same thing a couple months back. Got a great deal on ebay for $145 shipped. I cut too much off of mine, but can't really tell unless you are looking for it. I love the rack with the top off! It keeps the items secure below and with a spider web bungi, can keep all your items secure to the rack. Sturdy enough to hold a 150# hog on that thing with the bolts locked in :punk:. Still squeeks a little on the trail, but I love this thing....
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