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I've talked to several people who are not going to KOH this year because they've been told they're not going to be able to access Johnson Valley and the race course unless they pay a $20.00 entrance fee and sit in a designated viewing area. I contacted Ultra4 Racing and got some clarification. It looks like the organizers are doing everything they can to put on a great race and keep everyone safe. Here is what they sent me:


For those that were at the race last year, this year's event is very similar, except that this year there will be a jumbotron and short course. The jumbo tron will have live action from all over the race course as it's impossible to see the entire race at once. The entrance fee is a donation. However, access to Hammer Town (where the vendor show and the race cars are throughout the week will require a wrist band). Johnson Valley OHV area is open to everyone. The race course and within 150 feet of the race course is closed to the public on race days. The spectator areas are set up to give spectators a chance to see the race at a safe distance from the action. Many of these spectator areas are the same as in prior years where people have enjoyed watching the race.

The $20 goes towards the cost of BLM, medical personnel, security, electricity and port a johns, and 10% of those costs go towards keeping Johnson Valley open.

The link to spectator information is here.
It states: "Spectators for the 2012 Griffin King of the Hammers may purchase tickets on the lake bed. The price for week-long access is $20 for ages 14 and older, $10 for ages 5-13 and free for children under the age of 5.
The cost of admission gives spectators access to a week’s worth of racing via designated spectator areas as well as nightly access to entertainment inside Hammer Town."
Shannon Welch
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