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Hi - I welcome your feedback on my plan to upgrade my Base model 2013 JK. Keeping to a modest budget (using eBay and such), I'd like to keep the stock HU and make these improvements:

>Filled the sound bar with polyfil, ~20oz. if I remember right - Done.
>Wrapped the front speaker pods with Dynamat - Done.
>Installed the Kicker 77Kick10 driver upgrade in the front and sound bar - Done.
>Install this converter to feed signal to the amp: SNI-35
>Feed the SNI35 to my amp to drive the Kickers: Pioneer D9500F
>Output the amp to my sub amp: Pioneer D8601
>Sub amp drives this sub: Pioneer TSSW251 I'll build my own tail-gate mounted box

Any reservations about that SNI35? I don't need to keep front/back fade from the HU, so if I understand correctly this will take the full HU signal output for the front speakers, feed it to the amp and the amp will drive all 4 speakers with a full, amplified signal. Bypasses any weird limitations to the sound bar. Is the RCA output on that loc mono? Do I need 2 of these to keep stereo L/R?

I think these mods will go a long way to improve the sound over just the craptastic HU...

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