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I have a 2013 JK10A. I do not have the auto-climate option. This is my first winter with it and I've noticed that the fan direction selector doesn't seem very accurate.

If rotated to the far left (Fully counter clockwise, 9:00 position), 100% of the fan is sent out the dash vents.

If rotated to straight up, 12:00 position, 100% of the fan is sent to the floor vents. These modes work fine, however the in-between modes don't seem to.

For example, setting the dial to the 11:00 position seems to still result in no air coming out of the dash vents. The fan does sound different, so it does seem like something is adjusting the flow.

Similarly, if moved one click up from far left, it still feels like 100% of the air flow comes out of the dash.

I every other vehicle I've had, I've been able to have about a 50/50 mix between floor heat and dash heat.

Anyone else have this experience? Does it seem normal for a JK?
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