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Please forgive my ignorance on this one guys as I'm new to the Jeep world!

I've got a 2013 JKU Sahara (Overland) here in Australia and was wondering what the story is with what I'm seeing under the hood (bonnet). :)

In the attachment Missing.png, I've got this clip just hanging not secured to anything (circled). There's also a screw hole in the area but nothing attached there. The two don't fit together as far I can tell.

Likewise in the same area I've got a 3 pin plug just hanging, not connected to anything. I've got no idea what this is.

As experienced Wrangler owners can you tell me what I'm missing here, if anything? Or am I just imagining things?

Or are there any RHD Wrangler owners that can take a pic of what I should expect to see there?


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