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2013 moab unlimited lift advice

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Want to put 20" fuel boost wheels with 35x12.5x20 toyo a/t tires. Shop trying to sell me a procomp stage 1 kit 4 inches.
Im nervous about going over 2.5 inches fearing other stock parts will break that are not in the stage 1 kit.
Can i get a good 2.5 inch lift and still clear those wheels and tires without problems?
This is mainly a on road jeep with mild offroading occasionally just to travel to peaceful places on the mountains of northwest az.
Please advise. Thank you


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Yes you can. There is no need to go 4" of lift just to do 35's. Heck, I am running 40's on a 3.5" lift! You can do 35's on a 2.5" all day long...

I would recommend the Rock Krawler 2.5" Flex System. It will give you all the height you need, progressive rate coils in the front (so you wont sag like with the ProComp's), and also has adjustable front track bar and front lower control arms. That way, your JK will drive and handle as good or better than it does now!

How does that sound? Let us know if we can help. We can put together a package deal for you that will have everything you need, including the wheels and tires! Feel free to PM, email, or call us at anytime!


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Which shocks do you recomment on the 2.5 flex system. I assume i cant use the stock ones or can i?
Im liking this option better
No you cannot use your stock shocks with a 2.5.

Also +1 to not getting expensive wheels. Get the cheapest ones you can find and don't worry about em when wheeling.
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