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2013 Overland Journey

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Hey everyone, decided to make a build thread for my Jeep. my goal is to build it to where I can take it almost anywhere and just go seek out adventure! I love to camp and would like to see the places that not everyone see's from just the normal campsites that everyone knows about, I want to go to the back country and enjoy the ride getting there.

I haven't rock crawled yet as my ride it still pretty much stock. However, I have never rock crawled and maybe that's something I will like too. Just waiting for gears,tires,lift,lockers and the list goes on. I have met alot of Jeep owners and have been invited to a couple places but haven't pulled the trigger but I will soon!

So I always wanted a Jeep but could never afford one ( still can't ) but finally pulled the trigger about 8 months ago went from a manual 2000 Ford Ranger...

To a 2013 Wrangler bought it with 23,000 miles on it... Funny thing is when I bought it and was going through the long process 2 other people were test driving it.

First day I bought it I pulled into a restaurant and tried to figure out how to get the top off after some frustration I finally wen't home and left it to park overnight and the next day just cruised around in it, that's Zeus my Lab by the way he's 5 years old.
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Here's a timeline of events of what i've done. The above post is the current,


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