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Hey guys, I am a Jeep newb and I recently just purchased a 2013 Sahara with stock 18" 7 spoke rim.

I live in New York City and uses it as a daily driver so I want my JK to be as comfortable as possible so I decided not to lift the car or get big tires to prevent future issues such as the death wobble and noisy rides.

So I was going to powder coat my stock rims satin black but they were going to charge me $875 to powder coat all 5 wheels so I said to myself why don't I just buy brand new rims!! and use the stock tires!!!

I have my eyes set on the KMC XD series Crank Flat bLack wheels, it's 18x9 5x5 and 5 setback...... What I want to know is? Will my stock tire fit on it? 255/70R18. Because I read it on a online store saying stock won't fit and needs 255/65R18.....? If stock tires work, will this set up rubb the car? Will it stick out too much? Do i have to worry about needing to modify the car to accompany the new setup!?

Please let me know if the KMC XD series is a good replacement for the stock wheels and or if you have any suggestion for better wheels to use with my stock tires and set up please share with me! Thank a whole bunch!
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