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My wrangler is not even 1 year old (14k kms) and this morning, when I started up the heater, it was making a real high pitch whistling sound.

I've had a very faint sound on cold days this winter (like -20/-30 celsius) but this morning, at -16 celsius, it was really bad. It was covering my radio.
By changing the temperature of the heater, the sound would change, but not the intensity.
By changing the location (defrost, legs, etc...) the sound would stay.
By changing the power of the heater, the sound would become more powerful the higher I would go.

I've had this sound on very old cars and the sound would go away once the car was warm enough. The faint sound I had before, was never going away even once the car warmed up. This morning, it was hot enough inside that I removed hat and gloves and opened my coat, but the sound was still there. It really sounded like a whistle was caught in the ventilation system.

Any idea what could cause this? No time at all to go to the dealer in the next days and then temperature is suposed to warm up, so if it only happens when it's cold, dealer will say everything is fine.

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