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Purchased the Jeep in Palm Beach, Fla, drove home to northern Wisconsin.

Had a few concerns, but found the vehicle "exceptionally Impressive" while completing the trip.

1. does not have a Limited Slip Differential (thought for sure I had to have it)

2. Goodyear SRA tires (tried to replace them before I left Fla for a snow tread)

3. short wheel base (figured it would be in 4-wheel drive on the ice.

Trip Results

1. Averaged 20.8 mpg (3:21 gear / auto) loaded with luggage

2. Memphis, Tn. icy roads & snow, No Problem and did not need the 4-high

3. SRA tires did not slip, had great traction on the ice and the snow

4. Did not see the reason for the LSD.

Over-all, the Jeep is just Great. Listing my 2004 Discovery and will keep the Jeep.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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