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I had a 2014 RES head unit along with Alpine premium audio seven speaker system in my 2014 JKU. I replaced it with a 2010 RBZ that I found on eBay, and I thought that it sounded better than my 2014 RES.

I then found a 2015 RBZ on Craigslist, and I decided to buy that one and sell the 2010 RBZ. The sound from the 2015 RBZ is incredible to me! Even Sirius sounds better!

The model number for the 2015 RBZ head unit is P68245855AB with a date code of 2444. Googling that model number shows that it was only sold once before on eBay. I could see, and now hear, why this 2015 RBZ head unit is rarely swap out and sold, unless someone wants to upgrade for the navigation version. The software on my 2015 RBZ is 51.00.09.

I'm not saying that what I'm hearing is the definitive reason as to why the 2015 head units are better sounding. The majority of the 2015 owners have not pulled out their head unit to see what their model numbers are compared to the pre-2015 head units. I also know that the 2015 Alpine premium sound now includes two more speakers.

I'm just saying that with my 2014 Alpine premium sound seven speaker system, that it must be all in my head (unit) as to why others are saying that the 2015's sounds better.
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