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After owning my 2015 Hard Rock for about three months finally got a trip under our belt.

Took off for a week of travel to the Skyline Drive and continued on to the Blue Ridge Drive before driving home in SC. The idea was to stop when and where we wanted to at a whim. Met lots of interesting people and saw sights that just dazzled us. From instant weather changes to wild life viewing we were kept entertained. While there was little use of our 4x4 capabilities on this trip we still had fun and found the hard top was a real benefit to conversation over the soft top.

There were two instances that could have caused us great harm but the handling capabilities paid off too. During a rain storm a young kid tried to spinout and fishtailed during a curve that put his vehicle directly into our path. I have no doubt that I would have hit him in the older TJ I owned. Same could be said for the deer that leap out in front of us while coming around a curve early in the morning.

I haven’t gotten used to the hill assist yet and from time to time still kill the engine trying to take off while the brakes are still on but I’m learning.

Thought I would add another badge of honor to the Jeep.


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