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started out as a stock baja yellow sport soft top (23 Miles) sorry for the late post of my build.

The first upgrade i went for was a Teraflex 4 arm 4" lift so i chose my wheels and tires online to once i already bought my lift local. i went with some steely 17x9 wrapped with 35" 12.5 17 Geolander M/T. little did i know once i meet Travis from my whole build would go another route quick fast and a hurry. the next thing i knew i was returning my lift and buy 07 rubi axles with e-lockers on Craigslist. the whole plan was that it was a better route due to the axles being 4.10 gears and fully upgraded with RCV front axle shafts, Big 10 Rear shafts, heavy duty front and rear brackets from Synergy, 4" Synergy Progressive springs, and a crap load of other goodies i cant remember. the only thing i really needed to buy was a Synergy heavy duty Drag link.

the current list of upgrades and goodies are as follow

FRONT AXLE (2007 rubicon dana 44)
Synergy HD Track Bar Bracket
Synergy drag link
Synergy drag link flip kit
RCV axle shafts
Inner Axle Sleeve Kit
Inner C Gusset Kit
TeraFlex Swaybar Quick Disconnects

REAR AXLE (2007 rubicon dana 44)
Synergry HD Rear Axle Bracket Kit
Big 10 rear axle shafts
Synergy Inner Axle Sleeve Kit
ARTEC Dana 44 Axle Truss

Synergy front and rear 4" Progressive springs
Teraflex Shocks 0-4"

Smittybilt rock sliders
Poison spyder tramp stamp
Smittybilt rocker pannal
(4)17 x 9 steelie wheels
(4)35 12.5 17 geolander MT tires

Front bumper has been chopped down to clear tires.
Rear plastic bumper removed.
Tire carrier removed.


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Next upgrade coming this week

when we first bilt this Tonka Jeep little did we know how crazy i was going to get with it every weekend currently the jeep has 3200 miles and about 2000 of those were raw abuse .next week i will be upgrading the rear suspension to...

Synergy rear Coil over Kit
12" Fox 2.0 coil overs
Eibach 12" x 2.5" x 225 lbs springs
Eibach 12" x 2.5" x 300 lbs springs


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