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I am trying to figure out if anyone has determined how the front (and rear) speakers are wired on a 2015 JK with the basic speaker setup (Not the Alpine.) I have had the dash apart and see that the radio only has four speaker wires (front left, rear left, etc) but somewhere between the head unit and the speakers magically a second wire appears that connects to the top dash speaker as well as the dash woofer.

I want to replace the top dash speaker and dash woofer with separates, and it would be a lot easier if I could just connect them to one wire without having to cut the factory harness at the head unit. I would prefer to use the woofer wire with the Metra connector. (On a side note, the correct connector for the woofer is Metra 72-6514, and the connector is inside the box the speaker is mounted in, not the connector for the box)

Has anyone figured out if the wire is just spliced/split to add the second speaker, or does the wire from the head unit go through a crossover before it gets to the two dash speakers? I want to make sure that my setup would send the full sound range to the components.

I know that there are a few other threads on this topic, but I couldn't figure out if anyone has answered this question directly yet. One member just wired both speaker wires to their components, but I am reluctant to do it myself.

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