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Hi Gang,

My 2015 JK Unlimited Hard Rock had several fluid levels that were incorrect. I changed out my factory fluids at 1,000 miles, and noted some interesting fluid levels:

Engine oil level was correct.
Front axle oil was over filled by 9 ounces.
Rear axle oil was over filled by 11 ounces.
Transmission oil was under filled by 29 ounces.
Transfer case was under filled by 6 ounces.

Those of you with 2015 deliveries may want to check your fluid levels. Over filled axles are easy to correct. Simply remove the fill plug and let any excess fluid drain into a drain pan and then reinstall the fill plug.

The under filled transmission and transfer case were not a problem for me since I was draining out all the factory fluid anyway. I don't think I would want to run the transmission and transfer case with low fluid levels for very long. Several have noted the under filled transmission (6-speed manual) but I don't recall seeing any posts on over filled axles or under filled transfer cases.

I suspect that none of these incorrect fluid levels are cause for any concern, but if you are OCD like I am, you may want to check your fluid levels and correct them.


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