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I am wanting to replace my factory low-end system and I am trying to decide if a refurbished RBZ 430 would be the best bet or just going all in on a real aftermarket HU.

I currently have the 130s and am not impressed, and I do plan on upgrading the stock speakers since the Alpine was not an option at purchase.

Here is what I'm dealing with.

I have UConnect and don't want to lose that functionality or my steering wheel controls.

I do not have a rear camera but do want to add one.

I am an android phone user and would like something that can integrate with it on a deeper level than just streaming Bluetooth.

The RBZ 430 can cover all of this but the extra android integration without a huge cash outlay, but from what I am gathering it will still sound like the same crappy system I have now just with a touch screen.

Looking at aftermarket head units I know I'm going to spend more money getting everything to work, but I'm sure it will sound better.

I'm also concerned about it not looking very stock and becoming a juicy target for the local thieves.

So to sum up what head units have any of you had any luck with that doesn't scream steal me, will do what I'm wanting it to do, and is isn't going to cost me so much that ill get "the look" from the wife?

Thank you for any advice you Jeep sages can impart. :worthy:
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