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I've read all the posts and seen most of the lists.. sorry for another one of these.

I am looking at Black Rock 942 steelies 15x8 5x5. I'm hoping someone out there is running with these, or has tried to, and can give me a quick yay or nay.
I originally was going for the 3.75"BS with -19mm offset. this matches the series 52 pro comps, which i have read fit but every manufacturer is different so does anyone know if the 942s rub the caliper or not?

I know the alloy 909s also exist, but have read the quality is disappointing. The 909s list a 4"BS and -12mm offset. There is the option of getting 942s with a 4"BS and -13mm offset. I know the 909s fit, is the extra millimeter enough to cause the rubbing?

i really don't want to grind, if anyone had D-windows they know fit and have a clean look, I am open to suggestions. thanks
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