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Hey guys,

I've got a 2015 JKU X Edition w/ 67K on it, which lately started making clicking/clacking noises when starting from a stop, typically at low speeds.

Let me preface w/ i tow A LOT & do a lot of backing up with a trailer. We have a seasonal boat rental business, so i'm pretty much constantly pulling a trailer of Jet Skis or small boats (up to 20', so nothing crazy big/heavy). I do use my parking brake A LOT, in order to minimize any strain on the drivetrain, when launching a boat or Jet Skis, so maybe it could have something to do with that?

I've got some downtime today (we're in MI, so VERY seasonal boat rental operation), so wanted to give my baby some attention while i have a day.

What should I be looking for and/or tightening up underneath? Also, does anyone have torque specs for typical spots I should be wrenching, to possibly eliminate this/these noises?

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