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Howdy everyone!

I’m the new guardian of a 2016 JKRU Hardrock.

I had a weird thing happen today, and could use some help In figuring out the code received...

While driving the JK today, it spooked me for the first time by flashing the Swaybar dash light w/o me touching the dash button.

Weird huh?

Than the engine light came on, and to top it off it started revving high while in drive, going down the road acting like it was in Neutral.

Totally freaked me out.

So, I pulled over turned it off, hoping this might reset whatever gremlin was in the engine bay.

On the way home I stopped at O’Reillys to find the code U0414.

Then went on YouTube to learn the wonderful “on-off code trick”.

So, later tonight I went out to check it even further and it doesn’t have the engine light nor the swaybar flashing any more.

Is this weird or what!?!?!

Anyone else run into the same Gremlins?

Should I still run it by the dealership for further inspection?

Do aliens really exist?!?!?!

Thanks for any advice, or answer to the alien question. Ha!

Will Whoops Watson

Jeremiah 29:11
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