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Hi all,

Around a week ago we had a freeze. After starting and warming the vehicle a bit, I tried to roll down all windows. Every window rolled down fine except for the driver side. It wouldn't budge, but after about ten minutes of driving it suddenly dropped around 3 inches - at which point I rolled it back up and continued on with my day.

Fast forward, now any time I try to roll-up the driver side window it has some major resistance and makes horrible sounds at around 30% and again at 80-90% of it going up. Video attached (sound on!). No issues going down, just up. Sounds like it is almost about to break something when rolling up, so I try to not use the window at all.

My guess is that maybe the window isn't on track properly? I'm not too familiar with power windows, so I attempted to get access to the door panel, but had major issues getting the interior door panel off (seems there aren't a lot of resources around the interior portion).

Any advice on how to resolve? Thanks!
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