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I void warranties
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So, the new Jeep was delivered 2 days before Christmas and we took it on a 1500 mile trip to break it in and visit various relatives.

It arrived stock but we had enough time to add some rails and a winch before pulling out the day after Christmas. Weren't planning any serious offroad but had to have something to put under the tree..

If you look in the "garage" you can see the jeep and the factory sticker. Only options were limited slip differential and a hard top (yes, we are getting old).

As delivered, the clutch was stiff and grabby and the (manual) transmission was noisy, especially in third. Under power in third it sounds like frying bacon and under heavy power there is some vibration. Both of these have alleviated but I still believe that the transmission is excessively noisy. It will be going in to the dealer for a look and maybe fluid change to synthetic.

Now for the good. Our crew is three deep so rear seat comfort is a priority. As delivered the JKU rear seat is a bit short and upright. Fortunately Lisa is short and upright so that was not a show stopper. However a rear seat comfort kit from Warpig Offroad has made things a lot better back there.

We drove the first 500 miles on state highways at 50-60 MPH, the reported MPG was in excess of 22 and road manners are impeccable as is road noise.

The next 500 miles was mostly sub-standard country road (Mississippi and Louisiana) and again I was impressed by the stateliness of the ride. No following the ruts, no wandering, just good, predictable road manners.

I snuck it off-road behind a hotel we stayed in early one morning and it performed well in significant loose sand even with the factory rubber (all season 225 75/R16s).

Coming back was mostly interstate and 70+ MPH driving and again road noise, manners and comfort were excellent.

We have since taken it off-road into very deep sugar sand and found the limits of the factory rubber. Still good road manners and we got out without using recovery gear but I had to get out and direct and ended up walking out a few hundred yards.

Overall? This vehicle is a nine and a half. Comfortable as a daily driver, vacation cruiser and as a very capable off-roader.

What would I change to make it a 10 out of 10? Rear window wiper assembly blocks 25% of rear view. Back seat is horrible and needs to recline. Here is hoping that someone makes or refits a split rear seat with reclining backs.

Anyway, thanks for reading this far. My next post will be about the right tires and minimal lift for a refined daily driver with excellent soft sand capabilities.

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