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23/36 install

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I'm replacing the junk weber 34 that came on my yj when I bought it a few months back. My question is: what's up with the air injection lines that weber says to hook up but are not currently on my existing carb? I've seen installs with and without then tied into the top of the air cleaner but can't find anything explaining why. The haynes book is useless in this since the stock carb is long gone. I've found multiple vacuum line schematics and they are all different. If I had done the original install I'd know. It may be useful to point out this is my first Jeep so I'm already unfamiliar with it under the hood.
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All I can tell you is on the 4.2 engine the only vacuum lines you need is distributor and brake booster and fuel tank vapor line and the front axle half shaft vacuum solenoid. So I would say your best bet is if you are getting rid of the weber then go with a MC2100 or MC2150 because they are very simple and don't require any weird air tubes. And trash all the other vacuum junk and disconnect the EGR valve and plug up the ports.
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