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285 vs 305 Smackdown - AKA Width v. Weight

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I am looking at 33" Dura Tracs in either 285/75R16 or 305/70R16 for a 2012 JKU. Using the Tire Rack site specs both measure out at 33.1". The tread width, however, for the 285 is 9" vs 10.7" for the 305 (Section widths are 11.3 vs. 12.2). But here's the rub - the 305 weighs in at a whopping 9 lbs. heavier per tire.

SO here is my question to the more experienced here - is the wider tire worth the increased weight? Will it cause a hit in mpg or other issues? It seems 285/75R16 is a common choice around here. Can you convince me otherwise?

And feel free to just weigh in (pun intended) on the relative merits of width vs weight in tires.
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285s for the win. Lighter, cheaper, easier to find, better on the highway.

But, been there done that and I won't use 16s ever again. All the tire options are for heavy duty pickups and weigh a ton.
Refreshing this thread. I am interested in using 16" rims on my JKU to get some extra sidewall on a 33" tire over using a 17" rim. The R16 tire options also seem to be about $50 less expensive per tire for a Goodyear MT/R for the same diameter tire over a R17

Looking at Discount Direct the Goodyear MT/R has two 33" R16 options. The 285/75R16 and a 305/70R16. The 305 is wider and less expensive. They don't list tire weights. Is the 305/70R16 a significantly heavier option over the 285/75R16?
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