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2in lift and 33s

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I have a 97 tj with 2in bds lift and 32 11.5 in tires mounted on 10in wide wheels my new jeep I want to put same lift but run 33 12.50 on 8in wheels do you think they will rub 90 percent road 10 percent sand
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I have seen 33X12.50 on stock 8inch rims with no lift. You probally will not rub if you have the correct backspacing and do not do a lot of flexing.
I ran 285/75/R16 with a 2" BB and only had slight rubbing. Nothing to worry about though.
I ran my previous jeep with 33's on the facory 5 star(sport) rims with 2" and a 1" body lift and it only rubbed when it was really flexed. Like this:
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A 2" lift is definitely NOT enough for 33" tires. It'll rub like crazy, don't do it.
I have 3 inch lift with 33's and 15X10 rims. No rubbing city driving and no rubbing to worry about off-roading.
i think you'll be fine. i ran 32's with no lift and just rubbed in the rear when flexing. and inch should have taken care of that. and a 2" lift would give 2 inches over that so it you might just rub a little in the rear when flexed. a lot of the 2" lifts give 2.5" anyway. thats what i got out of mine.
i currently have 33x12.50 on 15x8 rims. Im pretty sure i have the 2" BB but it could be the 3.5"RE I lost the invoice that the previous owners had. I did the steering stop mod and I havent rubbed at all on road or off.
We run about 2-2.5" of suspension lift along with a JKS 1.25" body lift. Very proportionate for 33's. Not lifting the suspension any taller keeps operating angles on control arms, steering linkages, trackbars and driveshafts much flatter. This makes for a jeep that rides and handles better and doesn't require as much money to make it all work.
The final answer (after you have your lift height set) to stop tire rubbing in a given application is to add some extra bumpstop to your suspension. The bumpstops you have from the factory were designed to keep the stock tires off of your fenders, not 33's.
Of course, a jeep that's running a 1" BL needs an inch less bumpstop than a jeep that isn't running a BL...:)
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