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I have a 2006 rubicon. 6 speed. 86,000 miles.

I'm thinking it's the synchronizer, but it's kind of making a clicking noise into gear. It's definitely not a grinding noise, more of a plastic feeling click. It almost bounces into gear too, I can feel two slight bumps before it locks into gear. It's slight resistance. It never happens with a downshift.
Sometimes it goes away mostly when it has been driving awhile. I feel like it's becoming more frequent. It does seem to like to shift smoother around 3000rpm anything under sometimes causes this problem.
New transmission fluid (royal purple synchromesh) put it a couple months ago.

For now I've been shifting slowly and trying to shift at the sweet spot to avoid the noise.

Any ideas? Is it a synchronizer? 3rd gear has a very slight click to it too, just barely.

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