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3.5" lift with stock driveshaft?

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I met someone this weekend who was running a 3.5" rubicon express standard coil lift with their stock driveshaft. Now I know under full droop it will rub against the exhaust but this guy said he had no issues. Anyone else here run their stock ds on a 3"+ lift? Any idea how long before you will need to replace it?

I am currently running a 2" spacer lift on 33's with a magnaflow exhaust but want to move onto a 3.5" rubicon express lift being that it comes with an adjustible track bar and I like the height. (Looking to upgrade to 35's in the future and rather get the height I want now)

I travel about 5 miles a day for work and occasionally wheel on the weekends. Just looking for a second opinion!
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Hey there,
I have a 2008 JKU Sahara and I am planning on getting a 4″ Rough Country Suspension Lift with 35″ Nitto Trail Grapplers. I have been researching the specs on Wrangler Forums, and everywhere I look people are talking about how it is NECESSARY to either have a Steering Stabilizer, Aftermarket Driveshaft or Front Arm Control Brackets or else the front driveshaft will snap. I am not looking to be Rock Crawling, possibly will be doing some trail riding, mainly my everyday driver and I cant afford the extra add-ons right now to make it an extreme off-roader.
Please let me know if any or some are absolutely necessary for my lift, and if so would a smaller height lift be more acceptable for my Jeep?
A 2.5 lift would be fine. I wouldn't do a Rough Country lift tho at any height other than their puck lift maybe. Look for the "most popular lift on WF" post and get drop brackets option. The brackets will help the steering and handling of your Jeep. I believe our vendor AOR sells the lift and everything as a package deal for a good price. Driveshaft will go sooner on a 2.5 lift than zero lift, but will not be an immediate issue. And it will give you warning before it goes - vibrations, grease, torn boot. So just periodically check it. Shouldn't need a steering stabilizer.

Nittos are heavy, not the most daily driver friendly tire. Nor are 35s for that matter.

With the 3.8 engine, you may want to strongly consider regearing with 35 inch Nittos.

Big Jeeps are a pay to play sport. Don't compromise with a cheap lift. Wait until you can do it right. Perhaps if budget is an issue, a better option would be a puck lift.
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