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3.5" lift with stock driveshaft?

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I met someone this weekend who was running a 3.5" rubicon express standard coil lift with their stock driveshaft. Now I know under full droop it will rub against the exhaust but this guy said he had no issues. Anyone else here run their stock ds on a 3"+ lift? Any idea how long before you will need to replace it?

I am currently running a 2" spacer lift on 33's with a magnaflow exhaust but want to move onto a 3.5" rubicon express lift being that it comes with an adjustible track bar and I like the height. (Looking to upgrade to 35's in the future and rather get the height I want now)

I travel about 5 miles a day for work and occasionally wheel on the weekends. Just looking for a second opinion!
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I guess it depends how much flex one gets out of the lift. If it's just a springs/shocks affair, that's probably okay. If the lift includes fully articulated control arms and track bars then the front driveshaft is more likely to rub against the exhaust.
This is the "In The Box" list for the lift kit, of everything included:

Front & Rear Coil Springs
2.2 Series Shocks
Track Bar Brackets
Rear Sway Bar Links
Brake Line Bracket
Pitman Arm
Rear Coil Correction Plates

Here are some of the features mentioned in the online listing for the lift also:

Contains rear coil correction plates
Rough Country performance 2.2 series shocks
Uses OEM control arms
4 Door JK specific lifted coil springs

Does this help, cdeslandes? I'm not exactly mechanically inclined haha.
Your Jeep is a 2008, correct? If so it doesn't have the same driveshaft clearance issues as a 2012-2015. So you should be okay with the existing driveshaft, assuming the installer sets the caster and pinion angles correctly.

As for the Steering Stabilizer I wouldn't bother unless you experience problems. Then it's an easy swap.

However, based on your intended tire size, a 2.5" lift would be plenty enough and much less likely to cause problems. A 4" lift is useful if you want to run 37" tires. That seems to be the consensus.
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