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3.5" lift with stock driveshaft?

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I met someone this weekend who was running a 3.5" rubicon express standard coil lift with their stock driveshaft. Now I know under full droop it will rub against the exhaust but this guy said he had no issues. Anyone else here run their stock ds on a 3"+ lift? Any idea how long before you will need to replace it?

I am currently running a 2" spacer lift on 33's with a magnaflow exhaust but want to move onto a 3.5" rubicon express lift being that it comes with an adjustible track bar and I like the height. (Looking to upgrade to 35's in the future and rather get the height I want now)

I travel about 5 miles a day for work and occasionally wheel on the weekends. Just looking for a second opinion!
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I'm going to pull the trigger on a 2.5" Rock Krawler Stock Mod Lift with Bilstein 5100's.

Anyone have any pics?

(I didn't go with the 3" Rancho cause I rather not worry about the driveshaft)
Here's the 14 Rubi I just sold with that same set up with added flat fenders.


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