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3.5" lift with stock driveshaft?

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I met someone this weekend who was running a 3.5" rubicon express standard coil lift with their stock driveshaft. Now I know under full droop it will rub against the exhaust but this guy said he had no issues. Anyone else here run their stock ds on a 3"+ lift? Any idea how long before you will need to replace it?

I am currently running a 2" spacer lift on 33's with a magnaflow exhaust but want to move onto a 3.5" rubicon express lift being that it comes with an adjustible track bar and I like the height. (Looking to upgrade to 35's in the future and rather get the height I want now)

I travel about 5 miles a day for work and occasionally wheel on the weekends. Just looking for a second opinion!
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I'll throw our $.02 out there.

Factory JK driveshaft failure is a matter of when, not if.

For our 3.5" JSpec system we have the down travel stopped before the front driveshaft is maxed to keep it alive. Customers have the option of throwing longer shocks in there, the rest of the kit will droop much more, but the factory driveshaft will die. I have some customers that are wheeling some pretty wicked stuff with their factory driveshafts and haven't had an all out failure but a lift kit of any kind will cause the driveshaft to wear more quickly, it is only a matter of to what degree.

Your factory driveshaft will generally give you under 100k miles (of course this being the internet I will say there are always exceptions, so calm down if you have a JK with 125k miles and a factory driveshaft still going strong: I acknowledge you exist so sit down it will be ok.)

If you will be wheeling your JK my recommendation is to either limit down travel to something reasonable that keeps the factory driveshaft from hitting its max, keep an eye on it and just drive it until is starts to wear or just bite the bullet now and get a fancy driveshaft for the front, and if you're going to spend that much coin, just do yourself a favor and do the rear. I prefer the idea of ditching the factory driveshafts right out of the gate to eliminate a weak link then just go enjoy your Jeep.

It's a Chrysler product, you have enough to worry about. Driveshafts are an easy one to remove from the list of things to look at.
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