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3.5" lift with vibration, and yes I DO have a sye/longer drive shaft...

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Hello all,

I'm new to the forum and i've been searching the posts but could not find anyone with a drive line vibration/pinion angle issues with my setup. I have a 3.5" Reub. Express Super Lift kit, sye and longer drive shaft and i still have vibrations that are in result of my lift. It got much better after the sye but it's still very noticable and i don't feel like replacing my pinion seals every year. The actual pinion angle looks to be more than the recomended 1 to 2 degrees. Any help would be AWESOME. it was my understanding that getting the sye/drive shaft (which is supposed to be good up to 5.5" of lift) would eliminate all vibration issues. at this point i'm ready to throw the transfer case spacers in again but come on, that takes the point away of getting a 3.5" lift if i'm just gonna drop it another inch again! please help!!
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thanks guys for the input. yeah i was thinking about the rear upper control arms. just didn't feel like dumping a couple hundred to get them. i guess my thought was the sye and longer shaft (made to equip a 5.5" lift) should have done it, but apparently every jeep IS different! thanks again!

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Rear upper adjustable control arms are required when the install of an SYE and CV type drive shaft is done. You need to correctly set the drive shaft angle and pinion angle to be vibe free.
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