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30,000 mile maintenance

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Hey all

I brought my Jeep (Wrangler 2002 - 38,000 miles) into the dealership for some work and they stated that at 30,000 miles they do a tune-up, replacement of lines, etc. They said it would cost just under a $1000.00

1) Am I being had?
2) Do people recommend this?
3) Any other comments would be appreciated
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It's a TJ, right?

What did they say was included in the 30k service?
Maybe this thread should reside in the TJ section? None-the-less are they just assuming a 30,000 mile maint. wasn't done? Your post said it was a 2002 with 38,000 miles?
hey man the biggest thing is this.. are your plugs and all in good shape. you can tell see if they look burt or brittle.. you know your jeep alot better than they do.. I work at a dealer and that service is not something that is set in stone as far as I can tell. when things start to get worn replace them.. if you have acess hook your jeep to an ignition scope and look at how they are firing. if its bad replace them.

My manual says oil change, rotate, alignment, diff service, spark plugs.....
I would assume at 30,000 all of the things jcs mentioned above plus a coolant change is all you need to do. If thats what they're going to do and they're going to charge you just under 1000 then you're getting ripped off. You can do all of that stuff yourself for under 100 bucks.
stoopid dealerships and their overpriced service departments :mad:

My manual says oil change, rotate, alignment, diff service, spark plugs.....
I recently did this service myself. For under $125 I changed the fluid in both Diff, transfer case, transmission, and changed the spark plugs. Doing ALL of this will take you less than half a day. The hardest thing is scraping the RTV off the diff covers. That's why I went back with Lubelocker gaskets on both.
YES, your being had, should run under $100 for maintenance.

They call them stealers for a reason!

Take it to and independent shop, and have them look at the plugs. Don't go back to that clown!
Well, it all depends on what "lines" they are replacing too guys. I mean, if they are replacing all the vacumme lines, heater hoses, rad hoses, serpentine belt etc.. It can add up pretty quick.

My advice is to ask for a detailed parts list of their recommended 30,000mile service. Post is here, and we can give you a run down on what you really need, what you dont, what you can do, and what you cant.

You all are answering this like you have less than 30k on your Jeeps. This is a rip off. Pure and simple. Your spark plugs will last at least 90k, with fuel injection. You should be trouble free, for at least that long. Change your oil every 3k, change your diff oil every 15k, and your radiator fluid, every 30k. That about sums up your maintenance. I am not sure about the timing chain, as I haven't read that far ahead yet. Todays vehicles run much cleaner, and have much better engine life's, than previously.
"Lines"...Does this mean brake, vacuum or fuel lines? You typically do not change any lines at 30K.. maybe a PCV and the small vacuum hose...I think you are being hosed...

Go buy yourself a Chilton's manual, some basic tools, and follow the tune-up section and be prepared to pocket a ton of cash and feel good about yourself. If you can read and are willing to learn, you will be surprised at how easy it is to work on your Jeep.

If you have questions, let us know, where here to help. Collectively, there is hundreds of years of experience here....

All hail the Collective.!!!

Good luck and welcome to the forum.
I agree with Blu. Dealerships are there to empty the wallets of people that are uneducated about the inner workings of automobiles. None of my vehicles have ever seen the inside of a dealership shop except to have factory recalls done. If you have any mechanical skill or knowlege get yourself a manual and take care of the maintenance yourself. If you are not comfortable with working on your Jeep then take it to a good shop that is not the dealership. You could check with local jeep/4x4 clubs to see where the best place in your area is. It is your call but 1 grand is way to high for a 30k maint. IMO.
I was just curious what they wanted to replace for $1,000........
Nothing feels better than doing your own maint on your jeep, or any other vehicle for that matter. Like another poster said, get a list of what all they will want to do and post it here. almost a grand? I smell BS.

Get your self a autozone card and start racking up all the extras =D

Maybe he just typed in to many zeros. :D
$1000 that's a deal compared to what the dealership out here in Cali were asking. $1300 for a 30k maintanence :rofl:

I just went to midas for $200 and it was all good.
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