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Wattapunk is right...hate to say it.....but yeah you can't EFFECTIVELY run 33"s without more MODS than what you are looking at...yes it can be done as cheap as $1500 with a budget boost no regear and cheap tires and wheels.....but it won't be as GOOD as doing it right. Just speaking from my experience...OME SL $1200 installed, BL and MML another $250, regear, SYE, and LCAs was about another $ and wheels $1500. Maybe I paid "too much", but it rode better than stock and went everywhere I wanted to and was rarely stuck. Pic for clarification...The JK in my avatar is current Modding toy
What fender are running there? Looks good. Does it cover the whole tire width?
1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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