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31s Vs 32s

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I am planning to put new tires on. I am still running the stock 27'' Goodyears. I really wanted to put on a 4'' lift with 33s but the cost is more than I have saved right now. Should I go with

a) 31s and no lift (continue to save for the 33s and lift)

b) 32s and 2'' BB

There is not much difference in clearence between the two, but I do like the width of the 32s better.

I would like to hear what ya'll think.
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Personally if you are in real need of tires and seeing that you have the plans that you do for the future I would try to find a used set of say 31's or something locally that you could put on for half the price and keep saving for your 33's.

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What about the bb and a 1" body lift? That will clear 33's just fine. Save's some coin too.

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Thanks for the advice. I may just get the 31s and some new rims to hold me until I can do the lift and gears then add the 33s. :cool:
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