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33 in Toyo RT Tires

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Hi all! I first wanted say, this forum is awesome! I've been reading these threads for several months now and decided to finally join the club! I'm new in the jeep world and could use some of advice from the experts!

I'm about to order 285/70/17s toyo R/Ts for my jeep and want to use my factory Moab edition rims. I keep getting mixed advice from mechanics around the area so not sure what's right. I was also told I can't go higher than 285 on stock tires. So far here are the options I apparently have:

1 - no lift and get spacers; however the mechanic told me that in the long run spacers are going to put a ton of ware and tare on the jeep. He also said that I won't be able to go off roading. Then said the best thing to do is just get new wheels. Confuses me bc I've seen a lot of folks on this forum with stock wheels and bigger tires

He also said the lift won't help either since I'm using factory wheels.

2- another mechanic never mentioned spacers but said to just go with a 2 in lift and I'll be fine. He also said I can get 35s and still be okay

What do you guys recommend? I kind of like the spacer idea bc I'm not really interested in the lift. My wife drives the jeep and I have a 3 yr old and another one on the way in need the jeep to be reachable!

Any advice would great, thank you!!!
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285/70/17 km2 (bfg's run small) on stock wheels rubbed on control arms on my wife's 13' jkur.

Not a major rub but they do rub.

2" lift will give you more clearance under the jeep but does nothing to move tires away from suspension components so they will still rub.

Any time you change the offset/backspace on a wheel you do affect scrub radius.

Many people run spacers for 100's of thousands of miles with no problems while some people are concerned with liability and/or adding a failure point. It usually ends up being a personal decision based on your comfort with build quality and liabilities should something ever occur. If you decide to run spacers 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" will work although some people have to grind studs a bit with the 1-1/4" spacers because they bottom out on the spacers.

35's won't fit without some trimming or a lift. All depends on your comfort level with either of those modifications.

It would also help others with recommendations if you updated your signature to include your model of jeep. I have assumed from your text you have a stock Moab edition and not just Moab wheels on a different model. Recently helped a buddy modify a 2wd jku with rubicon take offs and those things are stuffed!

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Thanks for getting back! I'm probably just going to test it out with the spacers and see what happens. Thanks again!
I was debating the same sort of trade offs and after reading so many of the posts that said everyone eventually ends up with (or wishes they ended up with) 35's, I went that direction.

Got a 2.5" AEV lift and 35" Toyo Open country R/Ts. It rides great on and off road (better than stock) and I really like the tires.

It is a little high though for my wife and kids. I think nerf bars or certain rock rails would solve that but haven't pulled the trigger on that yet.
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