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I currently own a 2007 4 Door Rubicon. Automatic.

Stock 17" Rims & Tires (tires are just under 33" tall) are all but bald and thinking of spending some money on making the Jeep look a whole lot better.

I live in the Turks & Caicos in the Caribbean...sadly there is little or no off roading to be done here.

I wanted to put a 4" Lift with 33" Tires... just for looks - one of my friends says I'm mad and should go 6" with 35's.

I have done some reading and see I may need to re gear if going to 35's.

There are only bush mechanics a re gear may not be an option. I will be installing the lift kit myself....but have no idea how to re gear or indeed if anything in the Jeeps "computer" will be tweaked to alter gear change's etc.

Is purely a DD - and I love the look of 20" Rims with 35" Tires (I know 20' rims are a Taboo in the Off Roading World!!).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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