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Hello folks,

I have switched tires in the Jeep and went with a smaller rim. The Jeep came with 20s, and I went down to 17s. I don’t need them anymore and they are taking up room.

I have 4 Ironman all country MTs and a Free Passer CT404 MT as the spare.

The rims are Red Dirt Road (RDRs). The model I believe is RD07 Riot Wheels. They are all 5 matching. Unsure of backspacing but they do come in the following configurations: -12, 0, and +12 offset which I believe is 4.5, 5.0, and 5.5” backspacing.

The tires are practically brand new. I’d say still have close to 90% tread left.

I am asking for $1800 OBO. Tried selling locally but starting to expand. Unsure of how shipping will work, so might have to adjust cost to compensate that but we can negotiate.

Thanks for looking.

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