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Selling my 37x12.5r18 KM2s and Fuel Beast wheels. There are four with ~7,500 miles and one with approximately 0 miles on it. They have been wheeled but are in great shape. These tires are effectively 36" inches or so and aren't that heavy for anyone with a D44 (or light use D30).

The Fuel Beast wheels are 18x9 with 5" of backspace - hence the spacers - but that will give you an effective 3.5" backspace when put together. The wheels do have a bit of rock rash but I am told they can be refinished. Includes the factory TPMS sensors.

The spacers were put on at the same time as the tires, so 7,500 miles on those as well.

Local pickup only (but happy to ship at your expense).

LMK if interested!


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