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37" tire help toyo, nitto, BF, Goodyear?..

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Just curious what others have, or heard? Looking to get new tires ASAP..

Also is a 13.50 a huge difference over 12.50, as that's all the toyo comes in?

Which would last longer?

Also any idea who makes a better, lighter tire? I hear toyo and nitto are very heavy? Looking at 17's but should I b looking at 15's or 18's instead, I want a D load tire, as E rated is 10 ply and will b a terrible ride..
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What type of terrain is it for?
Toyos are awesome. Have the best road life of any m/t on the market. Nitto sucks. And the 13.50 is a fairly big difference. It doesn't seem like it but it is. But if you have the clearance I say go for it. As I said though you can never go wrong with the open country's. they're amazing.
whats wrong with the nittos?
I would go Toyo. The Nitto's are the same casing as the Toyo's but different tread design and compound. Toyos last longer and ride nicer. Nitto is Toyo's "red headed stepchild" line of tires. I will be putting on either Toyo M/T's or Maxxis Bighorn's.
Toyos and Nittos are both very heavy tires but if your looking at 37s I think your past that being a deal breaker. Personally, I would go with either MT/Rs or maybe MTZs but I've got zero experience with toyos. I ran a set of nittos back in the day, they rode like bricks.
No way to tell if one compound is better off road? Are the nittos potentially better on the rocks than the toyos? But the toyos have a better street compound?
I have Toyo Open Countrys right now, great tire at 35x12.5 on 16 inch rims they ride awesome too. I don't hear much noise and really good smooth ride. I do have one thing I don't like, the tires don't clean mud easily when off roading in swampy stuff. Great trail tire and performs great on rocks
Nittos are good tires. They look awesome and offload great. The road life just makes them a waste of money in my opinion when you can get double the life and similar performance from toyo
I have run nittos for years and have always been happy with the mileage I get from them. I run way more miles on my truck then jeep but they last me for more miles then I would expect with hauling and mountain roads. I have never seen much of a difference in the mileage of toyos and nittos, I just use nittos as I can get them cheaper. I think you will be very limited in trying to get either tire in a D load range other then 15. Check their web sites out.
Is 288sunny ever going to reply with his intended use & terrain for the tires as I asked early in this thread? Without knowing how he intends to use them... i.e snow, sand, rocks, sharp rocks, mud-bogging, dirt, street only, etc. it's kind of pointless to argue which tires will be best for him.
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