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Hey guys im a newbie but I figured I'd pass the word along. I have a garage full of 36" tires right now that I need to get rid of. Some of the sets are brand new and some have 65% tread. I will sell a new set for $300 and a used set for as low as $225. I also have some sets with the two piece bead lock rims, new tires $400, slightly used as low as $325. These are 8 bolt bead locks with the run flat inserts. The rims are 16.5" with the 8 lug bolt pattern. (fit on my 88 F-250 as well!)
A lot of people get these for their jeeps and have the centers cut and reset for the 5 lug Jeep pattern. These are bomb proof rims and tires!
I am located in Lexington KY but I travel all the time, usually south westernly so if your on my path and looking for some great tires let me know!
[email protected]
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